Things I like.

Good morning,everyone!
Nice soft and round start the week with!
I hope hope it will stay..........

Goedemorgen allemaal!
Mooi zacht en rond de week mee te beginnen!
Ik hoop dat het zo blijft....

4 reacties:

  1. Zacht en rond... daar hou ik van ;o) ook jij een fijne week!

  2. mhmm... round is special, even-ing out sharpness.
    it's been a while since i stopped by, i hope you are fine.
    well, i think you must be, because you are busy.
    did i tell you i read your article in ariadne, over and again?
    well done, ingrid!
    may it also bring you much deserved recognition!

  3. Hi lovely Nadine,nice to see you here again. Oh,you did? Hmm, you've been there .. in my studio .. so you could have a few things to picked up in your memory! I am honored that you have purchased and read the ariadne!
    Soon I'll write you...more news:-))


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