Meeting & Dutch design

Restyled lighting made from several vintage lights.

Left Patrice-right Nadine

These pictures were taken yesterday at Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven, a Dutch designer, where I met two lovely blogfriends,Nadine and Patrice ! It was such a nice day,sunny so we also could sit outside. The building where PH Eek is showing his design is stunning! An old factory building with beautiful large windows,industrial spaces which where totally painted in white. Containing the beautiful designs of restyled vintage lamps, wooden furniture from reclaimed wood,wooden kabinets etc,etc. I fell in love with a chair, a wheeled one. Off course, I looked at the price tag .... that was the only frustration of the day :-)

Dear Patrice & Nadine, it was such a pleasure to meet you both! I terribly enjoyed,thank,where do we go next time :-) and I'm curious about your pictures,ladies!!
xx Ingrid

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  1. Ziet er geweldig uit, daar moet ik zeker een keer langs...

    1. Ja,Bibi echt doen...het is een mooie plek en vlakbij zit Strijp S...daar kan je ook nog gan kijken!

  2. piet hein eek revisited through your eyes, ingrid! what a marvel, it's good to be able to see other points of views on the same subject. yes, your wheel chair! oi.
    oh, and same here: lovely, so lovely to meet you.
    pictures are in the making. they take up more time than previewed.
    hoe dan ook... 't was erg leuk, jong!

  3. to see it through your eyes
    me too still enjoying and re-thinking
    with a smile
    let's do that again!

    Patrice A.

  4. Wonderful photos Ingrid! and so totally cool to see your little meet up and connect faces with blogs- looks like a really wonderful time :)

    1. Haha,it must be very nice for you to see the faces behind the blogs :-)
      I can imagine!
      It was a wonderful experience to meet blogfriends..for me also the first time but not the last :-)

  5. Oh,
    I love your three points of views!

    Its nice to 'meet' you here and find you together with wonderful Patrice and wonderful Nadine in Eindhoven.


    1. thank you,for viewing the third point of view,Ariane. It was a wonderful day and meeting,I enjoyed it very much :-)

    2. thank you,for viewing the third point of view,Ariane. It was a wonderful day and meeting,I enjoyed it very much :-)

  6. I think it's a marvelous thing that you met! and that place is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Hi,Demie nice to meet you here again :-) I agree it ws a marvelous chance to meet eachother...such a great experience to meet more people maybe around the world ?

  8. hello! i'm coming over here from nadine's blog, so i can see her pretty face :)

    and it's good to meet you, too, and see the lovely things you and your camera captured, at such a momentous meeting of the minds!

  9. Hello Leslie,thank you for visiting me here ! Yes,you described it so well...meeting of the minds :-)


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