What a start to the day !

This morning I sat drinking coffee and because the sun was shining so nice I opened the garden doors.
The sun came in and even Limuna (my dog) blinked her eyes in pleasure.
Enjoying the sun,my coffee, the lovely comments from last week and the peace in the morning I looked mused outside and saw two little birds sitting on our grape bush !!
I quickly searched my camera and just before the last bird flew away, I could take this picture.

A wonderful start of the day and to add my 100th post,don't you think ?

5 reacties:

  1. Wonderfull :)
    Toen ik je stukje las, voelde ik het helemaal mee ;)

  2. Oh wat mooi! En vogeltje viel bijna niet op tussen de gele blaadjes. Genieten he zo'n nazomertje. Dat 'ie nog maar even mag duren.

  3. yes,
    and congratulations!

    what a light you have captured!
    let´s enjoy!

  4. @ Kimminita..ja vandaag was het ook weer zo lekker.


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