Which one ?

A couple of years ago I made this installation in my studio. I remembered it yesterday, when I was packing my stuff in this  beautiful, enormous studio :)  I have to get out before 1 october,ai.

I took a photograph of it, maybe to re- build it somewhere else or just to show the photowork.
But it never worked out, I couldn't choose which one, if I wanted to show it as a photowork.
So now it's coming up again...

3 reacties:

  1. Goedemorgen!
    Even om te laten weten dat je niet te laat bent om mee te doen met mijn weggever. (En om rond te kijken op jouw weblog!)

    Ik vind het wel spannend dat er allerlei mensen meedoen die ik niet ken. Hoe dat allemaal verweeft op het internet....

    Fijne zondag!

  2. Interesting installation; looks like a fine studio space, shame you have to move? Happy packing! ...

  3. @ Patrice..haha, ja leuk he?Thx dat ik nog mee kan doen.

    @ Linda...Yes, a shame I have to move but this space was so big,I couldn't heat it in winter time.Now a little one near my home,I don't have to drive and I can work in winter.That's better.


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