Two birds with one stone !

When I came home I found this lovely give-away on the floor.
  Patrice Aarts made this linocut of a fly and it's hand printed on cotton.
I love it!
It's a Dutch proverb '' Twee vliegen in 1 klap" but in Englisch they say "Two birds with one stone "
We use fly instead of birds for this proverb.

And today I got other news when I came home;
I have to move before 1 october from my studio and I was already packing,I had all enrolled at another studio and I just heard that I can move in the studio that I want !
An old schoolbuilding week they will give me the key.
It's filled with designers and a stimulating environment.

So Patrice today is really "Two birds with one stone "!!
Thanks for your wonderful,humorous,hand printed give-away !
Now I will dry my dishes with love!

6 reacties:

  1. am so happy for you! your new studio sounds wonderful!

  2. Fijn!
    En graag gedaan.
    En super dat je de studio krijgt die je zo graag wilt. Klinkt goed: een oud schoolgebouw uit 1930. Jaloers....


  3. Wauwie wat gaaf, alle twee!!

  4. leuke blog,zeg!

    Fijne weekend



  5. Poeh een hele klus lijkt me je atelier verhuizen, maar dit lijkt het me zeker waard!

    Hij is leuk!

  6. @ to all..yes, i'm so happy,it's a lot of work because it's an old class-room but i love to go inspirational area.Only this space is much smaller than the space before,i have to throw things away and be careful with the setting :)

    @ krosi en sani..dankjewel voor je compliment! En leuk dat je zo even langs komt!


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