Putting things in boxes,driving 20km, boxes moving upstairs.
Driving back, boxes in car,driving, boxes moving upstairs.
That was my schedule of today ;)

I'm glad that it didn't rain and after a long walk with my dog...I was calm again.

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4 reacties:

  1. Is that your dog in the bottom picture? Very lovely.

    Good luck with your move!

  2. Beautiful colours, nice pictures!

  3. @ blue china studio..Yes, it's my dog Limuna.Thanks..I'm a bit chaotic..i guess.

    @Arle..thank you for visiting with such a compliment!

  4. soon it will be all over and everything will be in place. having moved many, many times, i know what this must be like for you. my favorite part was unpacking and arranging. look forward to hearing more about your new space!


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