** Terrific Tuesday ** Ritva Pallander

She loves nature......

These purses are made of wonderful needle work.
It's made with feeling, made with her heart. 

"i read you like an open book"
what happens if you open a book all together?
the contents stay, but the order changes
makes me wonder...,she wrote.

Above you can see an installation of pages from a book,which she made.

I love her work, it speaks of vulnerability,delicacy and modesty
There is also a kind of silence in her work that moves me.

Her name is Ritva Pallander and her blog is called Lumetta.
 Living in the countryside of Finland, where al those nature photographs are taken !
 She used to make installations,costumes for theater and drawings.
Nowadays she wants to keep it simple and small.
Her interests turns to old things,broken and forgotten things-and to give a new life a new meaning to those stuff.

Take a journey through her blog and little shop but don't rush...take your time.
For me it is a pleasure to go there, I'm always curious what's next and somehow looking at her makings and photographs gives me a calm feeling !


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9 reacties:

  1. i don´t know what to say-
    just whisper: thank you so much!

    you made my day, darling!
    take care!

  2. thankyou so much for these links. Such beautifully delicate stitching.

  3. Ritva is één van mijn favorieten, altijd fijn om even bij haar rond te neuzen. Misschien ook een beetje omdat mijn broer al zo'n 25 jaar in Finland woont. Dat ook.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love her works!

  5. Yes! Ritva is definitely a blog inspiration. Always luminous, always a treat.
    Nice to meet you too!

  6. @Ritva..This was a pleasure to show you beautiful works!

    @ Miss T and Jasmin...Nice to meet you both!

    I'm glad you all like her blog/works because I had to show those treasures.

  7. and i´m all grateful, thanks dear!


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