I saw her Saturday, when I was sitting at my table and drinking my coffee. Those lovely quiet moments of waking up.The sun was shining so good for us. She folded her wings open and I was just in time to take a photograph.

 The sun gave more.... this paper handles.
I love paper bags,they crackle beautifully and it feels so good :)
Maybe I should start collecting them and do something with it.

The sun touched many that day.          

** Tomorrow I will announce the lucky one of my little give-away **

5 reacties:

  1. What wonderful shots of the sunlight. And that butterfly is so beautiful. It is sometimes hard to get the perfect shot of one.

  2. prachtig!! die vlinder kan zo in een alles-over-vlinders-boekje!!

  3. Love the photos! I have a weakness for paper bags too. I have been collecting them but not sure how to put them in my work yet!

  4. beautiful moments and beautiful photos that capture the moment so well. lovely!


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