You are right I have to let it go..the squares.
Just make them ..don't think about it.

This light blue colour I'm really fond of lately...this wool is also nice to work with.
I don't know if you can see it very well on your screen but it's just a fine not too bright blue.
Sometimes you are in kind of mood that you choose a colour compares to that mood and sometimes colours
give you a sort of mood.
For instance now, I'm very busy with moving to another studio, emptying the house of my parents(they both died last year) and somehow when I see white or light blue it makes me calm.
Well, maybe it only works that way by me : )

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10 reacties:

  1. blauw is wel krachtig, vind ik ook. en het is een ijzig blauw, blauw dat winter oproept. mooi.
    sorry van je ouders... x

  2. i like the squares and the blue :)
    good luck with the move.

  3. I love the little squares!

  4. Blauw, altijd fijn. Mijn muur werd laatst een donker grijs blauw, als de zee. En elke dag weer blij. Ik snap dat kalm worden van zo'n kleur.

    Je vertelde me dat je ouders ziek waren, ik wist niet dat ze waren overleden. Dat lijkt me hard en een groot gemis.

    Succes met verhuizen (vind ik altijd fijn: lekker ompruimen, echt en in je hoofd) en een fijn weekend.


  5. wat een prachtig blog heb je, waarom ik dat nu pas ontdek??

  6. Hello Ingrid - I did send you a message earlier in my day but it must have disappeared into cyber space somehow. I am sorry to hear of your loss. i lost my father 12 years ago but at times it still feels very fresh to me.
    i hope that you heart is healing well. It is funny that you have asked me about the light blue textile thing in my last post - my mother wore it on her head when she got married. lots of ribbon sewn into a flower. very pretty. x

  7. Thank you all..for the lovely words.I appreciate it very much!

  8. hi ingrid,
    when my mother died i saw a dream that she was washing her face with snow- and that everything was white around her.
    i strongly feel that white is calming and healing and kind of comfort.

  9. white and blue are very calming to me too. i didn't know that you lost both your parents last year. i'd give you a handful of blue bits and bobs right now if i could.

  10. @ Oh Ritva..what a beautiful dream!She showed you that everything was allright with her.What a special experience that must have been!

    @Lushbella..yes within 5 months,too early.But I'm a positive person and I learned a lot from them.
    Thank you for the bits and bobs,how sweet of you!


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