Painting,filling the boxes with my stuff ,emptying the parental home.
I couldn't write everyday.

Meanwhile I try to embroider, in the evening when I have everything done.
For me it's just one indulgence when I can embroider.
This is a new story that I embroidered,the previous embroidery is not quite as I want so I have to think about it.It is indeed a challenge to make it the way I want, to change things or maybe to begin all over again.

I took the saucer from my parentel home.Like the painting on it!

I hope you all had a nice week-end.

2 reacties:

  1. I love the relationship between the images. There's something there but it's not obviously stated. Congrats on the plate! I hope to find some things from my parent's house when I visit in a few months.

  2. OOO ik heb het ook zo druk..met allemaal leuke dingen. Helemaal geen tijd voor de blog..ben toch blij je nog even te zien.
    Geniet van je drukte!


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