Helpless vulnerability.

Poppies 2008-2009 Installation (h. 10 feet)

Grande Lethe 2009 embroidery on tulle.
Jannick Deslauriers is living and working in Montreal and teaches visual arts at Marie-Victoirin College.
She was born in 1983 in Joliette,Quebec. I love her visuals about vulnerability,fragility. Poetic and it makes me a bit uncomfertable because of it's beauty and perfection or maybe because it's unreal ? I don't know.

Well,Jannick's work is a testimony to the poetry of our times.And there it comes " She expresses the helpless vulnerability we may feel when faced with the grace and beauty of created forms,which are at once disturbing and astounding" by Christiane Gauthier.

But why? Is it because we've learned at our Art Academy that beauty is not enough, it has to be more...?
Why,by whom...? Hmm, I love beautiful things so.....
More of her work here

(i'm sorry this time not in Dutch ;-) )

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  1. This work is so beautiful and thought provoking, thanks for finding and sharing.

  2. absolutely beautiful Ingrid. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Thanx Karen, i wish i could see this in real and just touch one of the fragile poppies :-)

  3. ik hou van mooie dingen
    gewoon mooi
    zonder diepere lagen
    en vraag me dat ook niet (meer) af
    maar geniet

    en dit is prachtig!

    1. Hoi Patrice, dankjewel! Ik hou ook van mooie dingen,soms wil ik (nog) diepere lagen en soms niet.Of ik heb ergens aan gewerkt het is mooi en toch klopt het niet. Raar, dat het bij mij wisselt..

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  4. Replies
    1. Dankjewel voor je bezoek,Hanneke!
      Èn dat je een berichtje achterlaat. Ga op mijn gemak eens neuzen door jouw blog :-)


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