Pictures & work.

Open Studio,yesterday, was nice but not so busy as last year.I presented some photowork which    I made in China, little things from my shop and my thread art on paper. People could see me working and how I build up these figures.The last picture is from the work i'm doing now. Slow progress :-) 

6 reacties:

  1. hi dear,
    wish i could have been there!
    love to see more of your photos too!
    and how beautifully the red thread shines!

  2. lovely images. beautiful red thread.

  3. Hello Julie, it's red indeed :-)

  4. just like sweet ritva, i wished i could have been there too, would love to look at your work/and you, for real!
    thank you very much for your comment, that made me happy! x julia

  5. I adore the red piece.....wonderful.


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