** Terrific Tuesday **

Her work is poetic,carefully chosen, arranged and re- arranged.
Like a story...

   by lush bella

 by lush bella

 by lush bella

Sometimes like a painting,often a still life.

waterproof by lush bella

 by lush bella

Soft and colorful. She's collecting...

The colors,the simplicity of beauty and the quiet pleasure of making, that's what I see and love in her work !
I really wanted to show more because she has made so many wonderful pieces of work.
Here you can find more.

Her name is Lush Bella / Kerry Pitt-Hart.

I hope you enjoy !

(** Terrific Tuesday ** =  I will show everything that grabbed my attention every other week on Tuesday. That could be anything ! Why Tuesday because it's such a day "In between."
Today was the first ** TT ** and I hope you'll like it )

7 reacties:

  1. You have a nice colourful blog :)

  2. Mooie foto's! Zo rustig en lief.

  3. I like her works too! Thank you for sharing~

  4. Het werkje met de veren en de roze vleugeltjes vind ik erg mooi!

  5. Jeehaa for your TT!!

    Morgen voor jou aan de slag en met een beetje geluk dit weekend af!


  6. hello ingrid! thank you for your kind words and for including me in your new terrific tuesday series. i look forward to more! xox kerry

  7. hi ingrid,
    thank you for sharing- really beautiful!
    i will mail you :)


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