Such lovely words from Little Happy Things !!

When I entered the blog I saw pictures of my give-away which I send to Brooklyn.
I am very honored that she wrote something in her blog about it,such lovely words !
But also for people who like to draw with crayons made of dried fruits..she has an amazing post about it!!
You can read it here Little Happy Things.

Erika, you are wonderful !

I'm going to see some hills this week-end so...

* I wish you all a nice week-end, I hope the sun will shine tomorrow *

3 reacties:

  1. Oh that's kind. And a very nice pic!

  2. In de schaduw links van het vaasje zie ik een gezicht....

  3. @kootjesweblog..Grinnik..ja had ik nog niet eens gezien :)


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