Speechless !

Today I found this package at the post.
It came from Erika,of Little Happy Things,she won my give-away some weeks ago.

A beautiful small origami box turned up.
When I opened the small box, I called "oooooh" and my love came looking over my shoulder.
(Hmm, I think he was a bit curious ;-) so it's not just a characteristic of woman..hihi)

Look at these wonderful,briljant colors and so much love,
coming out of that small box !!

I could not stop taking pictures.You can see them big if you click on it.
These little hearts are beautiful paper stickers.

What a wonderful gift to receive! 
Can you imagine that I was totally speechless ?

Thank you so much Erika !!

11 reacties:

  1. oooooh! wonderful! Made me smile! Erika is a very kind person!

  2. Wat een leuk cadeau om te krijgen! Erg lief! :)

  3. wow, wat lief!
    en wat mooi!

    (so the love came from two directions, over the shoulders and out of the box :)

  4. Oh my god! The box was crashed??? I am so sorry and embarrassed...I thought I packed it strong enough...I am really sorry, I will pay more attention next time. Thank you for being so nice to post it on your blog, it's rally nothing, and I am glad to hear you like my little gift, it means a lot to me.

    By the way, to anyone who is interest in purchasing this little box: I promise I will pack it well next time! :)

  5. That is so sweet and beautiful! It is wonderful that she sent you such a lovely thank you. And so wonderful that you adore it so much! Made me smile...

  6. jaaa dat kan ik...want dat had ik zelf gisteren ook toen ik je pakketje op de mat aantrof! Wat mooi Ingrid, heel erg bedankt!

  7. such a wonderful gift!


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