Re-appreciated suitcase

Do you remember my re-appreciated project ?
Well, it's finished now :)
Picture above is the back of the suitcase.

This suitcase is handembroidered,handstitched, flowers with felt and buttons.
The bird is embroidered with gold thread.I have to take other pictures for the shop.

Now I'm fantasizing what kind of person would walk with it :)

11 reacties:

  1. heerlijk om daar over te dromen..welke reizen deze koffer gaat maken en met wie!

  2. cute...and so retro...I love it...

  3. Hoi, wat een goed idee.
    grt, Helmi

  4. oh thank you very much for dropping by :) as for what i want to be in the future, the endless possibilities are still pending!

  5. Wat een mooie!!
    supers re appriciated!!

  6. *rent naar zolder op zoek naar hetzelfde vouwkoffertje in het groen* Leuk idee!

  7. So retro indeed, reminds me the old days! Love it. Now I am wondering what kind of people would like to walk with it too.


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