Passion or....

We are living in an old house from the 1930's with beautiful stained glass windows and old ceiling sections.
We are slowly renovating the house. I told you before that my love has a passion for books,old records but how can I forget ... he has a passion for nearly everything ;-)

Yesterday when I entered one room to search for some boxes I remained rooted to the spot.
The room was filled with everything you can imagine,old toys,music instruments,vases,old design ligthing..euh and much more. I found no boxes overhere and I was reminded that we need a storage. I walked a bit dazed through all the stuff when I saw this painting.
It was damaged and a bit weird framed, yet he couldn't leave it behind and took it home.
Love him for that...because I love this old painting even if it's damaged...hmm I understand .
Just searching for a good place to hang it on the wall !

8 reacties:

  1. so what you mean is, you entered a room in that soundingly super-great-thirties house of YOURS, and found this?.... way to go, girl!

  2. oh...I'm jealous...I love old houses like the one my beloved grandma lived in before she moved to a little apartment...Old houses are so charming...wonderful...

  3. you lucky lady!
    so you have found a real gold miner ;)
    great treasures!

  4. It really is a beautiful painting. Your man sounds very sweet - books, records and collectables - a happy combination!

  5. Oude spulletjes vind ik ook altijd erg leuk, en ook altijd leuk om ze een nieuw plekje te geven!

  6. An old house is nice but a lot of work and when your love is putting all the stuff in the can not renovate ;)

    @ Ritva..haha a goldminer, I have to tell him that
    I think he agrees ;)

  7. haha ik ken dat zo goed, maar ben op een punt dat er even niks meer in mag en alleen maar heel veel uit moet -zucht-
    Super-sfeervol schilderijtje!


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