Little stories.

This story is finished, I think.
 Hmm, I don't know for sure. 

This little one I'm still working on.

* The sun is shining now so I will take a long walk with my dog to get some vitamine D before it's raining again :-)

4 reacties:

  1. Both of those turned out well. I think the little 'house' one looks really nice.
    Re: your comment...I have seen was a really beautiful movie and I liked it so much that I read the book and its sequel :)

  2. Zon! Direct naar buiten! :) Je bent echt goed in borduren, ben jaloers!! ;)

  3. Oh, die met dat huisje is echt heel erg mooi !

  4. @ Hermine.."Dankjewel Hermine..heb het huisje gister afgemaakt.Was nog niet helemaal klaar,dacht ik."


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