Drawing of lots......Give-away.

Hustle time!

Little-Happy-Things got the little happy thing ;-)

I'm sorry for the rest of you.Dont be sad. This was my fist give-away on the internet but not my least :-)
I like to surprise so.....
I will do it when I feel like it,
then it becomes never an "I- have- to -do-issue "

Congratulations Little-Happy-Things !
 Will you give me your adress so I can send it to you ?

3 reacties:

  1. haha wat een leuke actie!!
    heb ik weer gemist hoor...
    volgende keer ben ik van de partij!!

  2. Great! I won! Thank you so much! I will email you my address.
    Thank you again!

  3. hoera voor little happy things!


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