Card design.

Last week I was asked to design a baby-card, this was the third time I did something for them.
But not only this, they also have some little drawings and a big photowork ,which I made, in their house.
Really strange to see your work hanging on walls in a home of somebody else :-)
Anyway, the baby-card turned out to be like this.

7 reacties:

  1. Heel mooi! Gaat heel wat tijd in zitten he?!

  2. Sweet! De wieltjes zijn erg grappig gedaan met die knoopjes.

  3. Wat origineel en mooi gemaakt! (hi, hi en wat een leuke weetjes over egels)

  4. Thanks for support and lovely comments !

    @ anna.."ja, het is best wel een werkje,al ziet het er zo klein uit"
    @ little happy things..."I will remember this,Erika" ;-)


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