The Right Leftovers.

This is what I've been doing lately. So blogging was not my first priority. 
I was invited a few months ago to make an exhibition with 40AU and Haus Rotations .

40AU is a contemporary art gallery and project space collaboration between 
the software company 40AU and the curatorial collective HAUS Rotations. 
As an exhibition space, HAUS and their patrons work to expand 
audience engagement with contemporary art and makers through the form of 
educational outreach, artist-driven activity, and/or service action.

You can imagine this was a challenge . And I'm glad I accepted !

So you're cordially invited to my show in Nashville at:

June 1st, 2013, Opening Reception as part of the First Saturday ArtCrawl,
40AU in Space 69 at the Arcade, 6-9 pm. 
Exhibition through June 3rd-29th, by appointment and M-F 12-4 pm.

You can read more about the press release and the invitation here

4 reacties:

  1. great!! good luck for you, have a good time in nashville! :)) mano

  2. INGRID!
    wat fijn en mooi
    ik ben trots op je!!
    dikke kus
    Patrice A.

  3. Jah Patrice, dankjewel voor je lieve woorden! Vandaag ga ik naar mijn zus haar expo,ook zij exposeert weer na lange tijd :-)) xxx kus terug Ingrid.


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