She ran.

Well,ok normally she is wonderful. So sweet but today when we were walking in the happened.
Her nose got in the air and ...she ran ..hard..I was calling her back but she didn't listen.
I could keep calling ... good roles in a rotten fish was much more the thing she wanted to do!

I had to give her a bath a real big one :-))
Yet she let it happen. Yet she let it happen again. 
She jumped even from herself in the bath. 
So I had a kind of mother role,today. 
It leads me a bit of my own mother, who passed away a few years ago.

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  1. Klinkt stiekem grappig. ;)

    1. jah, het was eigenlijk ook wel grappig...het is een eigenwijs beestje :-)

  2. ok such a sweet story even though I'm sure it was a bit on the frustrating side for you ;)
    All creatures need mothering now and then :)

    1. I think you're right Kristen..even my dog..hihi.

  3. HA HA I love the guilty face in the second photo she knows she has been naughty......would have been a bad experience for you Ingrid but so worth it for us the readers.
    I love her she is such a gorgeous dog even if occasionally naughty :))

    Helen x


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