Creative & positive.

Today I remembered my father, 3 years now, a very positive person. Lover of animals and very creative ! He taught us to keep everything and to throw nothing away :- ) , to reuse materials.
He always repeated this Dutch proverb;  "Who does not know what to do with poverty, is not worth to
have it"..difficult to translate it in English.

** don't forget my give-away.

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  1. dat is toch een mooie erfenis, liefde voor gebruikte en afgedankte spulletjes. ik geniet enorm van de manier waarop jij met je vondsten omgaat en er weer je eigen stempel opdrukt.
    enne... nu ik toch hier ben... leuke give-aways! ik wil wel een kansje wagen voor pink sign :)

  2. thinking of you- three years is a good amount of time and yet not very far away either.
    Peaceful colors in this post :)

  3. Such a sweet post. Like Kristen says, three years doesn't seem far away, it's so true. I've loved all of your work coming through, and it just gets better and better.

  4. The realisation that even though you wont see their faces again you still hear their voices and remember the things they said is comforting. Thinking of you.

    Helen :)

  5. yes, your crosses do pop up!
    nice, soft remembering too.
    interesting work!

  6. dag lieve Ingrid
    ik denk aan je
    en zie voor me
    hoe je over hem sprak

    x Patrice

  7. Thank you for sharing this post. I am glad to get some wisdom from your Dad and I know I would have liked him... how lucky you are to have such a father. xx


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