Some of my collages in Bloesem !

These cards I made for my new shop

Hello everyone, this week was a busy one but I think you've noticed it.
The Festival of Creative Minds was nice to do.
We had lovely weather for a change and everyone was in a happy mood.
Children workshops, vintage clothes and I even sold some of my cards :)
We've raised a good amount for the homeless.
Therefore, an article about the festival appeared in the newspaper.
But I forgot my camera ..grumppfff
When I found out I could my hair pulling my head out!!
What a shame :(

Yesterday, late in the evening, I got an sms of my friend Marvin,he told me that some of my collages where shown in Bloesem !!!
I couldn't believe it,jumped out of my bed ( it was 23.45),turned on my computer and ...
I stared with a mouth full of teeth in my collages...totally speechless!
I ran down the stairs,made a little dance,my dog Limuna wagged his tail happily and I got so much energy
that I couldn't go to bed again :)

Thank you so much Irene,I'm very honored and proud !
You've made someone very happy at the otherside of the world :))
What a nice surprise at the end of a busy week.

6 reacties:

  1. So exciting! Congratulations! your work is so sweet and wonderful x

  2. whah!

    ik wilde het je net zeggen
    dat ik je zag op Bloesem


  3. that's amazing!!! congratulations and well deserved too!!

  4. well done, ingrid.
    you deserve the limelight!!

  5. A huge, exciting congratulations!!! It is certainly well deserved!! Keep up the amazingly inspiring work, Ingrid!

  6. Wonderful news! beautiful work!


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