Knitted artwork from Adrienne Sloane

Truth to Power
Knitted wire/gebreid metaaldraad from Adrienne Sloane.
Visited her work at Textiel Biennale in Rijswijk.
She makes more wonderful work visit her site Between the Lines 
and her blog.

9 reacties:

  1. Fabulous! love that red thing.. need to look more into it..

  2. this is so beautiful Ingrid, wow!

  3. Amazing!

    Congrats too for your feature on Bloesom - how exciting for you!

    Hugs, Stephie x

  4. Wow! oh how they hang there - they are graceful.

  5. Dear Ingrid,

    So many beautiful new things you have here!Love the new design!
    Congratulation for all happy things!

    I'm back from my break-hope to see you soon...XX

  6. to all ..Yes, i agree it was very special to see them in this place. And i love the texture/pattern here. You can see right trough it.

  7. Oh, Nice picturesI really love it...

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