My works & vintage fabrics.

Work in progress.
The red thread.
Photography; "The red thread"
Maybe some of you know that i use vintage fabrics in my work.
They are coming out of all the bags with textiles i inhereted from my deceased mum
It comforts me, that i can re-use all those beautiful fabrics and thread.
I know that she would like it...
Also started to use old furniture from our ancestral home that we should empty out.
We can bring it to thriftstores but somehow i inhereted the voice in my head of my father : -)
We had a large workshop behind the house,where he made everything.
From wooden lamps,furniture,leather bags etc.
My house is too small to store everything, that's why i'm thinking to re-style some issues.

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  1. how wonderful is that! is so good when things we use have a history. so good when we give the new life. bravo to you : )

  2. Dear Demie,thnks.I had to think about it for a while but now i've already started with some furniture.

  3. hoi!

    je bent aan het borduren met de naaimachine
    zo fijn om te doen
    en het ziet er fijn uit!

    (en ja, dat schrijftafeltje, van de eigenaren, heeft een glazenblad waaronder een strookje van het behang)

  4. I absolutely love the first piece, and hearing where the fabric comes from makes me love it more.

  5. Beautiful Ingrid. I love the vintage fabrics and the story behind them. It is good to have things around us that bring back fond memories and comfort too. Hugs, Stephie x

  6. Hoi Patrice,ja het is fijn om te doen maar het 1e plaatje daar zit alweer een handgestikt stukje in..kan het niet laten:)
    Leuk gevonden van dat tafeltje!

    Dear Kathryn,Thanx..the fist piece is not finished,yet.But it will soon.

    Dear Stephie,Thnx for your lovely comment and i agree :)

  7. Dear Ingrid, Beautiful work!!!I love them all -include the photo..My hearts to the second one...Is it done with a machine..?
    Love your work...:-)

  8. Hi Hagar,thnx for your enthousiastic comment :)
    The second one i made with a machine..and machines can be broke.That happened yesterday when i worked in my studio again...grrrr.


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