Found ....

My mum
New card for the shop.

Corner of my home
Luckily i found my portrait of my mum back, when i was searching for some things on my computer !
I'm so glad because she made me work with threads..look here.
It started with little cards (to send to the hospital) and i'm still making them and sell them in the shop.
Love work on those "peace-remembering-moments" 
My photographic work moved to the background.
 But now i'm so excited because i have an idea with my photowork and threads!!
By stumbling on her portrait..
Have to work this out...
Before the 29 of january, then we have Open Studio!

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  1. your mum is beautiful!
    all the best to you in your work-
    looking forward to see the new ones-

    i have an exhibition, a small one, in april- haven´t started yet, only made some plans. but , yes with threads, my friend :)

  2. such big heart warming plans happen when the timing is just right. i agree with ritva, your mum has that wonderful je-ne-sais-quoi about her... it has most probably rubbed off on you too, ingrid!
    the card is magical, it certainly triggers a lot round here!!

  3. I love the photo, she is so beautiful! I love coming across those little treasure trove of memories. Good luck with the open studios! Wish I could visit in person!

  4. Your mother is so beautiful in that photo and also such an inspiration to you ... I adore that bottom photo too, just lovely !!!

  5. such a lovely picture of your mum. Good luck wih the open studio, I would love to do that too.

  6. Ritva,i wish i could see you exhibition in real!With threads..i love it..and i'm realy curious !

    Woolf; thx :) i don't know if my mum would like it to be in digital world she was a very modest person.

    Mandy; so nice of you to drop in ;) and thx for the compliments.

    Karen; just do it..pick a date..after your deathlines is better :)

  7. Wat een fijne foto van je moeder.
    En zeker fijn dat je deze hebt terug gevonden!

    Succes met de voorbereidingen.
    Ben benieuwd!!

  8. Prachtfoto...
    (en telkens als ik er naar kijk zie ik meer Ingrid in haar)

  9. Wat een prachtige foto! En de nieuwe kaart is ook super! Ik maak nog elke dag dankbaar gebruik van je het portomoneetje dat je me stuurde :)

  10. Such a gorgeous photo! Isn't it wonderful finding things ike this, we haven't seen for a long time, or don't recall ever having? I love it! Can't wait to see your new work, love the chair photo of your home, and your card too! K

  11. Je mama ziet er zo mooi uit. En ik vind het hoekje van je huis ook echt prachtig !

  12. Patrice,dankjewel..hmm de voorbereidingen gaan traag ;)

    Sophie; "ik zie het zelf niet,misschien de ogen"

    Thx,Anna..superleuk dat je dat portemoneetje ook gebruikt en dat je de kaart ook leuk vind.

    Inaluxe; yeah, we haven't seen for a ling time,indeed.We are busy girls :) Thx that you like my corner of my home also!

    Hoi Hermine,dankje voor je beide complimenten en fijn dat je even langs komt! Doet me goed!

  13. such lovely images. and you know i love your new card and the colors. :).

  14. Your mother is SO beautiful!
    Love the pics...

  15. Yes, that portrait is so lovely, your mother is truly beautiful. Must be wonderful to have that connection between her and your needle work - that's a true blessing.
    Hugs Lilli

  16. wat een super foto om te koesteren

  17. redredday..yes i know ;)i made a slightly different one for a friend.

    thank you Indie Tea!

    Hi Lilli, yes i see it as a blessing!First i was astonished because before i had no patience but now i'm happy i inherited her passion for it!

    Dankjewel Clemtiene..ja hè koesteren dat is het juiste woord!

  18. These are really beautiful pics and you mum looks beautiful and striking. So good to have hand skills passed from mother to daughter.

  19. Hi Julie, i agree but it's odd that i recognized this when she is no more a live. Before i had no patience for it!


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