Winner,work in progress and inspiration.

Work in progress.
Lovely color inspiration!
 Well,well, it was not so easy to photograph the name of the winner.
On my right hand the camera so i had to open the paper with my left :)
But the winner is HAGAR!
Congratulations Hagar, i will send this week your present!
Sorry, for the other lovely's but there will be a next time!

In the meantime i worked on some other cards and if i have enough i will update them in our little shop

8 reacties:

  1. you take such lovely photographs have a special gift for composition.

  2. Wow Ingrid! thank you so much!
    I so happy!wonderful suprise- cant wait to see it IN real...:-)
    And as llways- love your photos...:-)
    Now im a true happy red...:-)

  3. Hi Ingrid.

    Congrats to Hagar and better luck next time for the rest of us! You are very clever to be able to pick a winner and take a photo at the same time!

    Hope you had a great weekend, Stephie x

  4. ops! well well! I `ll try next time! I really like the tings you make : )

  5. oh,i'm sorry Demie..well there comes a next time so can get in then.
    and thank you for the compliment!

  6. lovely work ingrid!
    and lucky hagar, congratulations!

    it´s nice to see your working table!

  7. Mooie kaarten! Ik kijk al uit naar je volgende Give away :D

  8. i love how the season shines through these new cards of yours! fruity and eye-snacky...


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