In between my spare the evening i have an exam.(it's necessary for my work.)

 A burst out !

My head was complete full of information ,had to do something :)
This is what i'm going to hang on a wall in my house,that i can't forget when i'm too busy.
We are still renovating our house very ,very slow.
Making plans for some decorations in the house..just lovely to do.

So i'm going to relax now,dear readers,and eating some chocolate  :)

6 reacties:

  1. We all need that reminder hanging somewhere in our homes!
    Enjoy the chocolate :)

  2. i really like what you made! is surely something we need to remember!
    chocolate.... mmm...i think i have some in my cupboard.... byeeee : D

  3. Enjoy! It sounds like you have earned some chocolate! Stephie x

  4. First impression- big smile
    Second Love the bright, recognizable colors,
    last - another beautiful work that you must hang...:-)

  5. @Kirsten..the chocolate was delicious!

    @Demie..thank you for the compliment,i made it straigth from the heart.

    @Stephie...yes,exam is finished!

    @Hagar..thank you for your 3 lovely comments ;)

  6. Echt geweldig! Goede reminder... :)


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