Inspiration & studio shots.

Sometimes it's nice to just sit on a chair and observing the environment.
Slide your eyes all along,open to new impressions.
For instance the last picture, i placed the objects this way a year ago.
When i was moving in this studio,only two weeks ago i saw similarities between inside and outside.
Really amazing that i haven't seen this before!
Pictures above are all inspiration for me.

8 reacties:

  1. all beautifull inspiring pictures. love the first one. trying to figure it out!

  2. Lots of creative ideas flowing in your space right now! Love the peek!

  3. yes, well, i'm intrigued by what's in image #1, like tiny boxes, are they?
    i love it when i suddenly realize more connections are there where we thought we'd seen it all... yeah?

  4. I love the inspiring pictures, especially the hand drawn window.

  5. fijne foto's!
    vooral de tweede
    met het geschilderde raam
    fijne, fijne sfeer

    je bent goed bezig
    ik blijf hangen in de opdrachten
    maar heb een hoofd vol ideeen
    en dat is ook fijn

  6. hmm...go on figuering out what's the first picture :)
    the handpainted window is just a good idea.

    @Patrice..opdrachten zijn ook fijn.Soms zou ik willen dat ik ze wat meer had.maar dan heb ik te weinig tijd voor mijn ideeen.zo gaat dat,hè?

  7. I love all the pictures but especially the second one with the little painted window - so sweet! Hugs, Stephie x


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