My little stories.

From the series "Little Stories"

New works finished. I like those works on paper it's like a diary for me, a sort of daily stories.i posted them before but the pictures were too yellow.
Also thinking about a shop Big Cartel or Etsy but I don't know which one.
Maybe some of you can give me some advise?

Today I jumped on Kleine Zaken she won my give-away a couple of weeks ago.
She moved to Zurich with her family so my embroidered storie get's a good life overthere in her new home !
Check her blog-post.
Thanks Hiskia!

It's terrible to see all those delicious cakes in the shop windows.Everytime I see one I have to bake it myself..aaarrrrg.

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  1. Leuk die boorduurwerkjes! Die kleerhanger is nogal ontroerend. En raadselachtig want waar komen die brieven en die muis vandaan?

    Etsy versus BigCartel - bij Etsy ben je afhankelijk van de stand van de dollar en je betaalt elke maand een beetje voor wat je plaatsts. Bij Bigcartel ben je geheel vrij, maar vanaf 5 producten moet je gaan betalen voor je abonnement. BC is mooier en heel makkelijk. Bij Etsy zit je in een echte communicty en kun je meer aanloop krijgen via via.

    Maakt het niet makkelijker he?

  2. @Kitty...Dankjewel Kitty.Ik ga er nog maar even over prakkezeren want het maakt het inderdaad niet makkerlijker.

  3. etsy or big cartel....well on etsy you pay a tiny amount to list as much as you want then only pay if you sell, big cartel you pay for a good listing amount whether you sell or not...that's why i am on etsy. If I was CERTAIN I would sell everything I would go with Big Cartel..

  4. @ Karen..thnks Karen I didn't know that you only have to pay if you you sell on etsy. Aha..interesting!

  5. ooh how did i miss these? i love your little stories, Ingrid. especially the ones on paper. i love the one on the cloth too but the wooden frame on the embroidery takes away too much space from the drawing for me. these make me think of moments when one notices the beauty of the everyday and gets happily lost in one's imagination. yes :).

    and thank you for taking the time to explain more what i didn't understand. you are super nice!


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