Look what I found on a thrifstore-tripp.
These beautiful landscapes,they are silk put your nose into :)
Handkerchiefs !
Also this beautiful old box..I couldn't resist.

Maybe you've noticed that I have a little break with ** Terrific Tuesday ** it's just too busy right now.
I'm creating,working 3 days a week,blogging and baking chocolate cakes and playing the piano.. so there is not much time left..
Yes, we moved the grand piano from my parental house to our house.
Pfft, it was a happening and when the grand piano finally arrived it started to freeze in the Netherlands.
We had to wet the surroundings because it was too dry.There was a chance that the soundboard could torn by drought.
O my gosh, dripping water all over the place,pots and pans filled with water but our dog Limuna had a lovely time,she could drink water from anywhere.
It's now a lot more humid in the house but we still have to check!

6 reacties:

  1. hello! nice to see you over at my place!
    I love these hankies.

  2. how i'd love to blow my nose in those hankies! and boy you sound talented; i would love to be able to play the piano...

  3. Beautiful scenes on the hankies! It would make me feel better just using something like that when I am sick.

  4. je snoepjesstempel komt er aan, ik ben weer up and running na bijna 14 weken supermisselijk en moe!


  5. @Lisa..Hi Lisa, welcome to my blog. I hope you like it! Now I have these hankies I hope I get a cold :)
    @Daan..Hoi Daan, ja ik had het begrepen dan ga ik voor jou ook aan de slag. Was zelf ook druk bezig hoor! Ik mail je snel maar wel leuk,ben benieuwd naar het stempeltje!

  6. wow, i can't believe they are hankies. What an amazing find. Beautiful blues and greens :)


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