Finished some little ones.

From the serie " Little stories"

From te serie "Little stories"

It's winter for sure! Freezing cold,snow and for us it's a long time ago  it was so cold on this time of the year.
Beautiful landscapes,hot choclate with rum.
I would love to have a fireplace with delicious crackling wood.
Ok,that's on my wish list maybe for next year :)

Meanwhile,I have completed two small houses for the shop.They are smaller then the two I made before.
Little gifts.
This time I made one with a painted background and the other one has a painted little house on it.
I've never expected so many lovely comments on my "little houses" !
It's so nice, that if you create something with a certain feeling and you get it back in a way.
Thank you so much !

4 reacties:

  1. hiya cold here too, bleah. prefer the painted house one, more ethereal; take care, linda...

  2. Ooh, really liking that 'negative space' in the orange cut out. Of course, I love your little houses above too!

  3. Your houses are looking very cozy. Cold sounds lovely. We went to the swimming pools today to find some relief from the dry heat. Have fun!

  4. lovely! and thank you for feeding my cyber fish x


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