Atmosphere & inspiration...

 Our garden

 Our street

Had to take some pictures ....such a special atmosphere!

When it's cold outside it's nice to work in the that's what i'm up to at the moment :)
No more words today but when i'm finished i will take an Irish Coffee ;)

6 reacties:

  1. I have really enjoyed finding your blog this year! Hope you have the best Christmas (and New Year) x Amy

  2. Loving that warm light on the table. Isn't it nice to be inside in winter doing artwork? : ) Enjoy your Irish Coffee. I will have to learn how to make one also, sounds good. Merry Christmas!

  3. beeeautiful photos! Hope you enjoy all the snow (wish we had some) and some fun and happy times! Happy New Year for 2011! xoxo

  4. OH these are amazing shots. Hope you are having a great christmas. I also ike inside time. x

  5. full of wonder, your pictures!


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