Those grandmother stories....

Yesterday,we went to the let our dog Limuna play in the snow.
She likes that a lot :)
What a beautiful looks we unreal..that soft snow with a little bit of powder sugar!

Normal she looks white but in the snow i have a yellow dog ;)

 I heard a strange but amazing story. Wondering why Limuna (my dog) had such soft coat,was it because she was constantly rolling in snow?
A friend of mine remembered that her grandmother always layed carpets in the snow.
The snow pulled the dirt out of the carpets and they got also very soft!
It's amazing..i didn't know that,did you?
Well i think it's better to leave the carpet in the snow than to put some chemical stuff to clean on it !

Do you also have those grandmother-stories..?....i'd love to hear them because i think i can learn from them !

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas !

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  1. i saw a white cat the other day in the snow and thought the same as you ' a yellow cat!' love the rug cleaning idea as my cats have a pee pee competition going as to who can ruin my expensive rug the most!! however at the moment it is the cats who remain in the snow as they cannot be trusted to be clean! yuk!... happy 2011 to you and yours x

  2. Wonderful story about the dirt dissapearing into the white snow. It seems quite the opposite as it might make the snow dirty. Love the mystery of it! Beautiful dog and woods.

  3. @Lisa..yes,the mystery that's the intriguing part.

  4. Ja, die van dat kleed wist ik. In Finland (waar mijn broer woont) staan in de winter houten rekken klaar voor een ieder die zijn kleed wil schonen (en daarna dus drogen) in de sneeuw.


  5. oh Patrice,dat wist ik niet,leuk dat je dat vertelt. Ik hou van deze verhalen!

  6. mijn oma hield niet zo van schoonmaken geloof ik, maar zou later wel zo'n oma willen zijn.
    heb wel een verzameling 'tips uit de oude doos "
    maar dan vooral bij kwaaltjes.
    mail als je ergens last van hebt:)

  7. haha Elianne,ga ik zeker doen!

  8. Het woord van een moeder is als een bananenvlek, het gaat er nooit meer uit. Dat was de wijsheid van mijn oma

  9. @meisje van vervlogen dagen....dat is een wijze uitspraak! Klopt helemaal!


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