New works

These works I made on acid-free paper.
It's a bit strange to embroider in paper and not in cotton but I like it.
Now I can embroider my illustrations much easier.

The next step is to update the shop. It's a while ago that I've been there ;)
My plan is to sell some of my embroidered stories overthere.
Like this one.

I hope I'll see you soon in Once in a blue moon !

9 reacties:

  1. I love these. I bet the paper pieces are easier to make, almost like a sketch. Very inspiring!

  2. Goed bezig!
    Verhuizing achter de rug?
    Fijn dat je er weer bent.

  3. @ Kathryn..thanks ..well I don't know if it's easier because I draw easily too much and have to bring it back to a minimal base.

    @ Patrice..Dank verhuizing is achter de rug,uitpakken gaat tussen door.Maar ik moest gewoon maken!Nu nog het ouderlijk huis leeghalen en verkopen.Grinnik..ik kan geen verhuisdoos meer zien ;)

  4. hello you!
    nice simple little embroderies, love the naive quality and thread and paper.
    thanks for your everso kind comment today
    linda x

  5. i love the 2nd one. really lovely.

    xo Alison

  6. Dat huisje blijft gewoon fantastisch !

  7. I really like your embroidery on paper, very cool!

  8. Thank you all !I'm working on some new ones ;)


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