a detail of my painting.

Another few days, then everything will be moved over to my studio!
Then I can unpack all the boxes and I'm able to work again ...yes!
I'm so impatient :)

Dear friends, I'm sorry I wasn't able to blog a lot..too busy but that soon changes.
Thank you for all the lovely comments you gave on the work of Kaija.
I agree, her work is very wonderful and I'm glad I could show it to you all.

Here some shots I took in and around my new studio.

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  1. i can see that you're almost there! your studio looks wonderful, and the view is beautiful. will inspire you to continue to make great things, i know!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos, I love looking at little details in people's studios. How lucky you have a ginko tree out front, so beautiful in the fall!

  3. Good luck getting your studio finalized. Thanks for sharing some of the details. You are almost there!

  4. can't wait to see more! particularly your painting.
    have a good start in a wonderful new space!

  5. That yellow tree in the last picture is fantastic! The detail of your painting looks promising :)

  6. hello.. thanks for coming by .... always nice to get a visit from you......

  7. hi, you all dear friends, yes nearly finished. All the stuff is in my new studio.I don't have to drive with cars and trucks!

    @ Kathryn..indeed it's a lovely tree but I didn't know it was a ginko tree. So thanks!

  8. beautiful yello leaves. They remind me of our wattle. Goodluck with the rest of unpacking:)


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