The Red Chair.

My favourite place in my home.
Where I can;
* Read
* Embroider
*Just stare
* Dream
 I love it the most when my dog lies at my feet and my love is preparing something in the kitchen ;-)

9 reacties:

  1. Oh I can imagine. Great chair and pillows.

  2. What a wonderful chair. Beautiful cushion. My girl has a dress in that design:)

    Wattle is an australian native and comes in many varieties. All in end of winter bloom now. They are so soft and bright like sunny pom poms. P.S. your English is excellent!

  3. Oh that sounds so dreamy. Dreamy, dreamy.

  4. Heerlijk daar hou ik ook zo van de herfst en winter een eigen plekje en mijn mannetje aan de kook!!

  5. O, what a lovely chair...and it must be very nice to have a little doggie at your feet in it :)

  6. Ingrid, I'm looking for just such a chair (and such a spot) in my new flat!

  7. I love your red chair. It is so nice to have a cozy place to dream and just be... Hope you have some nice time with your chair enjoying your doggie at your feet today.

  8. i can just imagine this. what a wonderful spot to have and enjoy.


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