New Year 2014!

Streetcombing © Ingrid van den Brand

Hi everybody, it's been a while. A difficult time Christmas and New Year.
I wish everyone a good,healthy and creative 2014 !!

And off course I will thank everyone who supported me with my work,blog and especially those
who supported me when my love of my life died in august.

I'm going to pick up my life,well I'm busy to fulfill this idea but it's still going up and down.
But I'm still here!

xxx Ingrid.

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  1. You can not help but be changed by events like this- the loss of your love...and time doesn't seem to slow down or care- the only thing you really can do is decide
    who you will become because of this occurrence- what kind of person is this life/love going to lead you to be. I've found consolation in letting loss shape me into a better person- even when it feels up and down- love is so much more :)
    Best wishes Ingrid for contentment and love in the new year


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