Limuna sad.

Promised to finish this one.
Picked some wild flowers.

Thank you all for the beautiful cards, the power that you have wished me .. I really appreciate!!
I know that I promised my Love a few things and I will, 
but it's not easy to deal with the 20 years we've made together.I can not concentrate as well, a bit chaotic.
I am so grateful for the warm people around me!
They still call me, keep an eye on me because I became skinny. Even though I think I've become thicker again.
They ask me to dinner sometimes a welcome change from being alone, cooking alone, eating alone.

Fortunately plays Limuna again. 
In the picture above she was very sad because my Love was sick, that was in the beginning. She felt it immediately.

I'm gonna try to write on my blog regularly say 1x a week to start with.If it's more than it's a good thing.
(I think nobody is waiting for a sad story so it's difficult to write about other things for me and it costs me a lot of energy)

We were also very touched by the gesture of Janine from Uppercase Magazine of sending me the Magazine " to keep creating and exploring, even in difficult times... and know that your friends in Canada support you and your creative work"
N. was very thankful to know that other ones would encourage me to continue with my artwork (if he wouldn't be there anymore)because he was afraid I would stop.
Also a little review from the Atheneum Bookstore based in Amsterdam about my work in Uppercase #18(I'm sorry it's in Dutch)

I'm became very tired now,so I'm going to take a walk with Limuna.

xxx Ingrid 

7 reacties:

  1. <3 Just sending you love.

    And remember, even the sad stories are still your stories, just tell us want you want to say. Xx Anne | Inspire Styling

    1. Thank you Anne, so sweet of you! xxx Ingrid

  2. I agree with Anne.... and take your time... big hug!!!

    1. Bibi, a big hug back and thanx! xxx Ingrid

  3. lieve Ingrid
    afgelopen weekend was ik met mijn moeder in Venetië
    en naast alle bruggen en steegjes waren er ook vele pleinen met kerken
    in twee ervan branden we kaarsjes, onder andere voor jou
    Patrice A.

  4. oh lieve Patrice, ik las dit en kreeg een paar traantjes. Dankjewel! xxx Ingrid

  5. at your own pace, ingrid. step by step will be fine.
    we're here.


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