A look in Nashville.

Here are some Nashville views from the exhibition " The Right Leftovers "
Photocollages,Thread art and Streetcombings are shown
There is also a workshop linked to the exhibition that shows how you found objects
or things at home (that do not seem so valuable) can be viewed in another way.
So nice to see how everyone is gathering things to interact.
This picture took my attention because I didn't know what this metal thing is, I still don't know.
More pictures are promised so this is the first part :-))

For all the people who live near Nashville you can still visit the show till the 29th of June.
More info here ; Haus rotations

Thank you Megan and Stephen for all your work !!

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  1. Dear Ingrid,
    this is so so exciting! congrats! it is great!
    So, you are not in Nashville but your art... therefore you :) The wonderful interaction of real life and art, even in several stations... and in many places... even in Hamburg ;)

    xo Ariane

  2. thank you Ariane, it is special to see it from a distance :-)) xxx Ingrid


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