Caught by the snow.

It was quite white in the Netherlands..but now everything is melting again.
Made this work for a shop and finished a new thread art piece from the series " Golden Memories" 
The annoying thing is that I no longer can upload photos on my website.
Maybe I should write to Indexhibit so that they might know what is going on.

Het was erg wit in Nederland..maar nu is alles weer aan het smelten.
Dit werkje is voor een winkel en heb een draad kunstwerkje afgemaakt voor de " Golden Memories" serie.Het vervelende is dat ik geen foto's meer kan uploaden op mijn website.
Misschien moet ik indexhibit aanschrijven zodat zij misschien weten wat er aan de hand is.

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  1. Dear Ingrid,
    oh, you can't upload more photos? Maybe your memory space is full or the pics too big?
    I would miss any pic here!

    Your first one today is really 'a fresh start'... wonderful! Even your 'golden memories' are great...

    x Ariane.

    1. Thank you, lovely of you to say!

      Grtz Ingrid

  2. hi dear,
    fresh start, what a lovely work!

    oh, no,
    i was thinking like ariane, maybe your picks are too big?
    i hope you can work it out!
    all the best, dear!

  3. hello ingrid,
    I love your new work, "golden memories" are wonderful! and I like your stitching letters very much.
    I had the same problem with my photos. for some months I minished them, but now I pay ca 2,50 €/month to google... I think, all blogger are concerned!

    1. Thank you,Mano for the advice. I know it will happen to me also at blogspot..but now it's my website.
      And thx for visiting my blog :-))

      grtz Ingrid

  4. i sent you an e-mail, dear.


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