Slightly later than planned..

Finally the rings are in my shop A bit later than promised but yeah you know,it's a lot of work.
So here they are.......

The "Natural White" made of unglazed porcelain. I love them because they look fragile and are not perfectly round. But as you may know, baked porcelain is very strong. You can choose between neon orange or neon pink in the middle.

This is "Happy Blue" made with light blue thread. It reminds me of Spring,when everything is coming up.  

The "Pink Lady" is made from special thread. Thicker and with a beautiful glance. These rings are totally pink. The middle is neon pink color. 

The dark blue one belongs to the "Autumn" series. Available in the colors orange,green and this blue. All with a neon green heart. 

These ones are available in my shop now. For every ring I've made a balsa wooden frame so you can wear and you can look at the ring. As a painting on your table.

All rings are packed in a small lovely box and with the balsa wooden frame shipped in a bubble wrap envelope.
And I'm very glad that I could keep the shipping costs low :-))

Find out at **EYESNACKS** 

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