For a couple of weeks now I was also busy designing rings.

    Rings with thread and neon.

    These rings are made by me in unglazed porcelain.
    They are not perfectly round but that's what I like about them, it looks honest that way.
    If you know what I mean.
    Loved to work with this material!

    These delightful ones wear autumn colors and are also made with thread.

    These ladies have some neon pink inside!
    The thread which I've used for these ones has a nice sheen.

    Long have I looked for a way to send these ladies by regular post. In order to keep costs low.
    And I'm glad I can tell you that it worked!!
    Maybe weird, but I think you have to give a ring in a little box.
    So,in a small box into a mailbox envelope with bubble wrap,it will go.

    The next task is to describe them well and place them in my shop next week.

6 reacties:

  1. Dear Ingrid, Very nice design they must feel very nice on your hands...

    1. Hi Hagar,nice to see here again! I must say indeed they feel nice on hands.Friends have tried these rings so that I could work out where necessary...that's why I know.

  2. I love these Ingrid they are cute and quirky, :)

  3. Thank you,Helen! I love what you did with the wood..great pictures!

  4. these are really beautiful Ingrid. So innovative and unique. I am sure they will all sell very quickly.


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