Charming and spontaneously at the Dutch Design Week!

In Eindhoven, the Dutch Design Week is again in full swing until 28 October. Yesterday I visited Galerie Tydeman. A house converted into exhibition space run by brother and sister with a passion for art and design. Spontaneous and warmly I was welcomed and shown around the house of Mischa Tydeman. Lovely to hear stories behind the works and quite another to be able to look in the bedroom of the lady of the house. And since I only give a small overview of what there is to see, I recommend the website to view from Galerie Tydeman. a better overview of the works separately and there you find the artists and designers that I have not mentioned in my blog.

So if you have a passion for art & design ... go take a look!!

                                              designed by Danielle Smits

Bed designed by Mieke Meijer

 by Linda Steenbergen

Art by Choi Wong

 by Renee van Doorn

 by Marvin Corneille

There is more but I couldn't place them all so view the website

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  1. Thanks for these pictures. Nice to have a look at this event! Greets Martine (

  2. I'm glad you'll like it Martine!


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