Aààh...gorgeous !!

" I love Bambi" designed by Frank Willems
Illustrated by Marvin Corneille
Photo: Ingrid van den Brand
" Aààh collection " flower vases designed by Frank Willems.
Photography Ingrid van den Brand

" Declared spaces " designed by Frank Willems
Photo: Ingrid van den Brand

The collection consists of three ceramic vases called Dear, Yeah and Aààh and was designed by Frank Willems
for Soonsalon.Each vase has its own character.With flowers in the vase you amplify the character or you create a new one constantly.
Of each vase is a special edition with illustrations by Marvin Corneille. The 'I love Bambi "has a cool tattoo. On 'stealing the Deco ants go off with the flower decorations, and the' cracked 'vase has a crack with a big patch.

Ok, the photoshoot was done by me because Frank asked me to and I like his vase collection :-)

6 reacties:

  1. Wow!
    Dear Ingrid,
    great pictures
    from a great collection of the reinvention of Dutch vases for tulips.
    Fantastic! I love it when something old is new interpreted.

    x Ariane.

  2. Woow , super mooi allemaal !
    volg je me terug ? dankje xx

  3. Wat een gave vazen!! Ik hou van dingen voor in huis met karakter. ;)

    (Ik vind home sweet home ook heel leuk, maar verwacht niet dat ik elke week mee zal doen, gewoon af en toe)

  4. ziet er goed uit!
    vooral die eerste
    met dat fijne behangetje erachter
    leuk, leuk!!


  5. I definitely don't come here often enough...these pictures are fabulous.


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