Just a look..

W in progress
Hanging on my studio wall.

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  1. hoi Ingrid, die zien er wel heel erg prachtig uit!
    groetjes Wien

  2. These are beautiful, I do love that red :)

  3. These are lovely - I love the red. Your little trees are pretty sweet too! Hugs, Stephie x

  4. hi Ingrid! these are beautiful! love how the colors and lines are separate yet still in sync with one another. makes me think of child's play in winter wonderland :).

    i've been so out of the loop with blogging. thank you for bringing me back with the message you left me. there have been a lot of ups and downs, but mostly good now :). hope to post a blog update soooon...

  5. I love the horizontal threads, the colors, all of it! I did a series of small paintings like this once using mohair thread. Is that mohair?

  6. Ingrid, these are so very beautiful. Thanks for the comment but a piece a day??? I wish!

  7. Ha Ingrid,

    Het ziet er op foto net zo mooi uit als in het echt.
    Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe werk waar je gisteren mee bezig was, wordt erg gaaf, denk ik.

  8. Thank you,everyone I'm really happy with all these positive comments on my little abstract works!I did'nt expected it ..:)) It gives me a boost.

    @Kathryn..it's not mohair but wool,I love the way the thread is laying on the paper because of the thickness of it.

    @Mies..nice to see you here again..and I'm honored that you put all the pictures on flickr to your favourites!I hope you can continue with your work,now everything is mostly good.Your work is very good and intruiging,it always leaves me behind with questions!


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