Art I like.

I jumped on the embroidery of Shaun Kardinal and I'm really in love with it ! It's also the recognition of the figures,the stitches..and he uses his colors of thread in combination with the colors of the postcards.(but not in the fisrt picture) That makes that I love about what I see here. It's not easy to stitch so perfect :) He uses large format postcards.
Difficult to make choices which one I had to post on my blog but check his site he made much more!
Hmm,abstract art which I like..:)

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  1. I love his work! I posted on him some time ago, and saw that he created many new things...
    Thanks for your concern on my blog about falling into black whole...I hope that will not happen...:-)

  2. I love these as well!!! what is it about stitching I am always drawn to and on post cards too, how can you go wrong :)


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