Winner,found and made.

Finally the winner of my give-away...Stephie B. Congratulations Stephie and mail me your address please, so I can send photograph #13 to you! I'm sorry for the rest of had more chances because only 5 people were in. Maybe next time :) Thanks for writing those lovely comments..i can read them again when i'm insecure about things.
It was a busy week,there was so much to do in our city. Lovely design to see everywhere....a lot of foreigners. I hope the trip to the city of Eindhoven was worth it and that the have enjoyed beautiful design! In the meantime I found a dictionary of's in black and white pictures but ok.
The last pictures are my finished works and now I'm working on figures. Stay tuned! xx Ingrid

3 reacties:

  1. Ik heb je give-away helemaal gemist. Jammerrr!

  2. Hoi Iris,misschien een volgende keer!

  3. Hello Ingrid! How exciting to see my name as the winner! I am so lucky and I can't wait to receive my beautiful photograph. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Stephie


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