Things I like...♥♥

Lovely this little cup and saucer Lilly at Mamzelletitoo
 Made by Ana Hagopian
(via Kathryn Clark )

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  1. Isn't Ana's work STUNNING?!

  2. Love the ceramics. Happy weekend Ingrid, Stephie x

  3. delicate, delicate beautiful paper art.
    oh my, ingrid, such a luxury. really attractive.
    thank you so much for this link.
    how the hell are you? alright? X

  4. Dear Kathryn,yes she her work!

    Dear Stephie,the ceramics are cute aren't they?
    And Stephie did you find a nice frame for the photo ? xx

    Hi dear Nadine,you're welcome..I think a lot of people have to see her work! Nadine, I will mail you..sorry,sorry,too busy.


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